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Dreaded Dominions's podcast

Jan 31, 2021

Hello Dear Listeners,

We're back... well more or less. Susan is still out and Cedric is going on poop patrol. But Allie is and always will be. 

In this episode, Jay finally learns about his past and Laura and Alyssa formulate a plan. 

Jan 11, 2021

Hello Dear listeners

In this Bonus episode, we have compiled the first eleven episodes of our podcast (without intros and outros) as one solid and cohesive 2 hour story.  We hope you enjoy this look back at Jay's belligerent trek through the Tau Lambda quadrant.

For a list of all the non-original music used in this...

Jan 7, 2021

Hello dear listeners,

We have emerged from the haze and ruble for another transmission. In this episode, Jay looks for a way back the surface while lecturing "Laura" on the finer points of Zombies. Also Cedric confesses.